The Memoirs of a Preachers Wife: from Life to Death and Back Again

by Yvonne Adams

The struggles of the writer are candid and inspirational. This story is written from the pages of the writers life that God allowed to be written for inspiration to all those that are lead to read it. There are some details in this book that I would definitely consider not suitable for young children, but certainly informative for older ones. There are some facts that the writer was apprehensive about sharing and even somewhat embarrassed, but she knew that it could possibly help someone else avoid making the same mistakes.

(106 pages) Paperback book: $10.99 Download: $5.63

The Truth about Lies

by Yvonne Adams

Inspirational and instructional reading. Very thought provoking. We surround ourselves with so many lies that the truth becomes something hard to swallow. When real truth is introduced to you, it frees you from the bondage of a lie and even from hatred itself. If you did a pole almost everyone would say that a lie is sometimes necessary, how did we get here, and what can we do to change that and do we even care enough to want to? Truth can be so refreshing and liberating. I ask you, what is so wrong with the truth that we feel we need a lie? Hopefully this book will cause you to have second thoughts as to what you will continue to spread. The Truth or LIES!

(40 pages) Paperback book: $8.35 Download: $3.75

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