When Saying Thankyou Is Not Enough

God has blessed my husband and I to be in ministry for 17 years and then to officially pastor a congregation for 16 and the celebration and recognition we were given deserves more than just two words; thank you.   Even though those two words pack a lot of power when said from the heart our actions of gratitude will go further.   We will continue to dedicate our lives to helping and being available for those that God has entrusted us with. We will continually keep them collectively and individually in prayer, we will notice when additional help is needed in rearing, loving and guiding their children.   We will unselfishly teach and nurture them in the word of God.

When thankyou is not enough, give him you're heart!

We don’t have problem showing gratitude to those we are thankful for; but what will we do for God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for all the wonderful benefits we receive daily?   We can’t just throw him a thank you and keep stepping, without a praise that leads into worship and ultimately a dedication to change and aim for perfection.

Psalm 116:12

What shall I render unto the LORD for all his benefits toward me?

When you are truly thankful you desire to do what makes the other person happy. Our lives are the best thank you’s we can give our Savior, the problem is we keep taking ourselves back to do what we want.   When you have sincere gratitude surrendering your will becomes easier. One of the greatest things about living a life of gratitude towards Jesus doesn’t just bless him but it keeps him blessing up. A life of gratitude is the least we can give him; yes we should say thank you Jesus.   Thank him often for the things he does, but don’t stop there, let him know just how grateful you really are with your life.

Hebrews 13:15-16  (KJV)

15By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.

16But to do good and to communicate forget not: for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.

J Moss – Sweet Jesus

J Moss – Sweet Jesus

Excerpt from : The Knock

“I was being led along with others down a stair case to this floor. I was so reluctant to go for fear of not maintaining my footing, but there was this overwhelming compelling feeling drawing me down. I noticed a lady a few people ahead of me fall as she reached the balls and then everything stopped; and this mechanical voice said “you have 10 seconds to get up.” She tried with all her might as the seconds counted down and we were all froze helplessly in place unable to assist her in any way.”

for the full story: The Knock by Yvonne Adams

Memoires: excerpt

Nevertheless this is wisdom learned from experience, if only I could
have known this then. That is why I’m sharing it now, maybe if you take
heed to this wisdom at an early age you can avoid the crazy mistakes that are
made because of peer pressure, and trying to gain friends. That’s when I
met my first so called boyfriend; looking back it was a big mistake. 14 was
and is too young for a boyfriend.

Memoirs of a Preachers Wife: Excerpt

He saved me! That same night, immediately following the service the
enemy began to bombard me with doubt. It was then I heard the most
horrible sound; it sounded like a major car crash outside. Shortly after that
my uncle came running in hollering Lonnie was hit, that was my cousin. To
make a long story short, I watched as God restored life to my cousin’s body,
without so much as a broken bone. It was then I knew, without a doubt, that
this was a lifelong commitment for me. I came home ready to face the
world, so I thought

Memoirs of a Preachers Wife: Excerpt (chapter 2)

Not out of obligation but out of love I continued to Praise him. You see
what he had done for me was never far from my mind. I didn’t just think
about what I wanted him to do for me; I couldn’t stop thinking about what
he’d already done. It was awesome to be delivered from so much of the
resentment that I was carrying…

Memoirs of a Preachers Wife: Excerpt (Chapter 3)

It was hard, I wanted to hate him.   I knew I couldn’t, if I called myself a Christian; plus he wasn’t saved.   This was my opportunity to win him over for Christ, and just maybe I get something also. Of course the relationship with her didn’t work, and he started talking to me as a friend about his relationship.     I kept inviting him to church, only for him to say no.   Finally it was New Years Eve and he didn’t have a date and he knew he couldn’t just hang out with me because I was going to church.   So I asked him again.   This time he said yes….

Memoirs of a Preacher’s Wife: Life to Death & Back Again

I remember one Sunday after church, while waiting for 3:00 o’clock service to start, hanging around in front of the church. There was a group of young people and myself, they really didn’t want me there, but I was trying to fit in. One of the girls took it upon herself to start taunting me, trying to start a fight. One of my promises to the Lord was no more fighting. Believe it or not I became a fighter at a young age in order to keep people off my back. I was always in trouble for fighting. So here I am being tested to see if I was going to result back to my old ways. I was trying so hard to stand my ground without fighting. Then it happened, “POW” she slapped me so hard, I thought I saw stars. Of course everyone began to say, “I know you not gonna let her get away with that.”