A Dream of Mercy

I must start with a brief history of my life else the dream will seem most confusing. I am the owner of two small dogs of which I named Grace & Mercy. Grace is a pure white full breed Bichon-Frise, and Mercy is a Maltese-poodle. Grace has an excited and extra active temperament, while Mercy is usually calm and somewhat nervous. Ironically befitting wouldn’t you say? These two dogs are almost always together; they are extremely close.

I would even say that Mercy is almost completely reliant on Grace (Can you hear the message?).

Okay, now for the dream: We were in a an extremely large auditorium that was connected to a hotel that we were staying in. It was some type of Christian conference/convention, because there were people from churches all over. For some reason I had my dog Mercy with me. I had allowed him to mingle amongst the people. So apparently he had been in someones arms the whole time we were there. Which was undoubtedly because I had completely spoiled him. Really he is not used to being held constantly even though he would love it if he were.

There were other pets there. Some people had brought their pet tigers in large cages. You know how dreams are, in the dream this seemed normal. When the conference was over I remember gathering my things together to pack for the trip home. Dexter (my youngest son) was to collect Mercy for us while my husband was loading the luggage. Mercy kept getting away from Dexter and I could see his frustration. I told him to bring him to me the next time he got him. I remember trying to put a tight grip on him so as not to let him get away again, while loading the bus…

I realized he had gotten away from me too.

So I looked for his carrier then I realized we hadn’t brought it with us. I asked Dexter to collect him again while I looked for something to put him in that he couldn’t get out of. It was then Aaron (a young man from church) said “I’ll help Mrs. Adams.” So as Aaron and Dexter went off to collect Mercy I passed the tigers cages I noticed they were opened. One tiger was missing and the other was in the cage with the door opened playing. This made me quite nervous, so I kept my eye on the tiger as I tried to quietly slip by without exciting him. It was then my eye caught a glimpse of Mercy. I was able to get my hand on him and this time I was determined not to let him get away. I remember wondering why was it that he was trying to get away from me.

I eventually found my reality sleeping in my dream, meaning, I was aware now that I was asleep.

So, what is the hidden message behind Mercy getting away from me? Is God sending me a message through this dream about me?

I began cross-examining myself even as I yet lay dreaming. I found myself getting so frustrated in the dream that I contemplated just leaving and giving up on Mercy, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t imagine what Grace would be like without Mercy, wow the message was starting to come through but not yet clearly. Okay, I found a container that I thought he would fit in but it’s filled with items we had packed. Now I am faced with the choice to empty the container of the items in it to contain Mercy or keep the items and just leave Mercy since he was making containing him so difficult.

My dog Mercy (Maltipoo)

Even during all this frustration I didn’t forget the tigers so I continued with a small level of reluctance and finally Dexter & Aaron got Mercy again I proceeded to try to empty the case and put Mercy inside. He was doing all he could to make it difficult for me to get him in the bag, almost making it appear as though I was torturing him. Do I continue this or just leave him once and for all? Still, reality is seeping in “I can’t leave him ” I continued to think. As I realized that this was sleep and I am dreaming I proceeded to awake my self in hopes to get a clearer understanding. As I slipped from a dream state to an awakened state I heard the words No Mercy! Whoa, I had left him, or had he left me?

After I woke up what stood out more than anything was the absence of Grace, where was Grace why wasn’t she in the dream? Was her absence also a clue to it’s meaning? So many questions and so few answers, yet the answer screams!..

After searching the scriptures for the meaning intended for me in this dream, the word speaks loudly and I hear.

Ecclesiastes 5:6-7 (NIV)

6 Do not let your mouth lead you into sin. And do not protest to the temple messenger, “My vow was a mistake.” Why should God be angry at what you say and destroy the work of your hands?

7 Much dreaming and many words are meaningless. Therefore fear God.

I know without a doubt that God deals with me in dreams, but I must not forget that it’s all about God. Nothing I say matters if God hasn’t lead me to say it. I will keep my ego in check. Just because he uses me with dreams doesn’t make me great or special, just a vessel that he can use.

James 2:13

For he shall have judgment without mercy, that hath shewed no mercy; and mercy rejoiceth against judgment.

As the body of Christ we must be merciful in our treatment of those around us if we expect to receive mercy. I woke up with a greater appreciation for my little dog who I sometimes find annoying and show little patience for. I never want to see the dream come true nor do I want fall into the hands of an angry God because I was so busy giving the word that I didn’t have big enough ears to receive the word for myself.