How did we as a society get to the place that getting a fix is as simple as making a doctors appointment.   The drug dealers are no longer just lurking in dark corners of bad neighborhoods, often they are as close as the nearest drug store.     The pushers are those with great education and degrees licensed by the state. It’s not just the illegal drugs we must worry about!   How do you fight what’s readily available to all willing to pay a visit to their local doctor?   Warnings don’t work because many people think “it could never happen to me”!   Then one day they find themselves willing to do almost anything to get the next fix.

Drug addiction is not just a dependence on a foreign substance that has taken control of who we are but it has become a possession of a person’s will!   Until you face a person head on about their addiction you’ll find that sympathy is the desired emotion they seek.   You see sympathy will give in to the cries and demands but once you stand against them you’ll see a side of them that makes it evident that possession has taken place. Once possession has taken place detox is not the only thing needed! Separating the person from the drug is futile until you separate the person from the demon that has taken control of their soul!

Demonic possession is real!   I remember being in the hospital dealing with kidney failure and being given drugs that temporarily altered my thinking. All I knew is I didn’t like it and I wouldn’t take anymore of the drugs while in the hospital.   I actually found myself hiding the medicine and not letting the nurses know I wasn’t taking them.   Here I am years later and I lived without those mind altering drugs.   Don’t get me wrong, some medicines are necessary to help us control things like blood sugar, blood pressure and sometimes cholesterol; but when you get into taking drugs just because you’re sad or your toe hurts for a extended time you’re treading in dangerous territory!

I will never judge a person for what they feel is right for them, but I will say try Jesus before you try Valium! Help me pray for those suffering with pain, depression and anxiety; most of all help me pray that they seek God before seeking a artificial substance to fix something that only Jesus can fix!

Matthew 10:1

And when he had called unto him his twelve disciples, he gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease.

The same power He gave to His disciples He’s given to us.   The key thing to remember is that God will never go against a persons will.   If they want to be helped God can and will deliver and often times He’ll use us as instruments; yet if a person is not willing to be helped all the prayer in the world won’t change them til they are ready to surrender their will. God is a gentlemen and He allows everyone free will! Something to remember!

I choose to be “Addicted to Christ”!

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