Real Love

After celebrating Valentine’s Day, it’s only fitting to talk about REAL love! We all want it. We talk about but where is it? How do we get it? How do we show it? Real Love IS God. Real love is IN God and FROM God. So seek Him and get & give real love!

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Spread the Good News!

As Christians, we are called to share the good news of Jesus; his life, death and resurrection. Preaching the cross and its saving power should be our mission as followers of Christ. Have we lost our commitment to share the gospel because of the burdens of the battles we fight daily? In this week’s message, Pastor Charlie Adams remind us we must be stay committed to sharing the GOOD NEWS!

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The Devil is in the DISTRACTIONS!

Minister Christian reminds us that we need to have our eyes opened to the distractions of the enemy as we move through 2015. We have too much to do for God to allow distractions to get us off task.

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Real Success, A Real Gift

This week Minister Christian taught on “real success.” By the power of the Holy Spirit, he helped us put the pieces together on what it takes to be successful, God’s way!

God’s way to success is attainable but we can not take shortcuts.  We may have a “red sea” to cross, a “Jericho” to march around and take. We will have some work to do but God will do the hard part!  He’ll part that sea and make that city fall our feet!

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The Harmless Fire, The Harmless Furnace

We’ve all felt the “fire” of life at some point or another. Perhaps, we’ve even felt as if we were not strong enough to withstand the “fire,” rather it has been in a relationship, financial difficulty or physical infirmity. This week, Pastor Adams took us through a very familiar text in Daniel about the fiery furnace. He reminded us that no matter how hot the fire, how intense the flames, God is right in there with us and HE will always bring us out!

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Take Care of THE BODY!

Ever had a crook in your neck? How about a headache? Well, you feel the pain, but others can’t see the pain. You may not have a cast on your neck or head to signal to others that there is pain present but the pain is still very real and can be debilitating. Sometimes we feel like when something is not seen that it’s not a problem. People can be crying out for help, even when we cannot see a visible problem. We must stop looking down on people, and start being more in tune with the body. We will not always see the problem. But we must be prayerful.

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Having Trouble With Your Thoughts?

Pastor Charlie Adams reminded us that we can get our thoughts under control but it will take total submission to God. You may have been having trouble with your thoughts lately but if you follow God’s instructions, you will be able to say, “I used to have trouble with my thoughts!”


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When God Seems Silent…

What happens when we, as believers, cry out to God in prayer only to be met with what seems to be SILENCE? That so-called “silence” can be frustrating, painful and confusing. We need an answer, after all, and we need it NOW! Well, at least we think we need it now. Pastor Yulonda teaches on prayer and why God doesn’t always say, “Yes.”

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